Dima Ajaj is learning how to sew. She is enrolled in the vocational training program run by Annahda, IM supports Annahda to strengthen their work for the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities of all ages. Photo: Maurits Otterloo / IM


In Palestine IM support local organizations who mobilizes marginalized people to become agents of change. Together citizens can take an active stance against unjust structures and build a society where everyone’s right is respected.

IM support and strengthen local civil society organizations whose interventions are targeted towards society as a whole. A span from empowering rights holders themselves, to raising awareness among the local community, to advocate towards decision makers.

IM identifies people with disabilities to be among the most important groups to support and empower to claim and enjoy their rights. By empowering persons with disabilities, and their community, people are given the knowledge and the tools to claim and demand the rights from responsible authorities. Thus a lot of IM support is directed towards our partners’ interventions with focus on advocacy and awareness campaigns to combat stigmas that maintains discriminatory structures.

IM also supports organizations who empower women to claim their rights, specially their economic, and sexual and reproductive health rights. As well guarantee that women, no matter their financial status, can enjoy qualitative health care services. With the mobilization of women groups IMs partners also strives to increase the services and the knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in the Palestinian society.

With financial independence, increased knowledge of their rights, and confidence, women themselves can be a force against discriminatory patriarchal structures for a gender equal society.