Starting a business together

IM partner organization Anades work to raise womens confidence and to make it possible for them to have their own livelihood. Women get economical support which they invest in something that can provide them with a long term steady income. Some start a small business selling groceries, others invest in small scale farming or raising of livestock. The women learn to plan a business, to think strategically and to plan financially.
Most women participating in the program “Family Solidarity”, run by Anades, have partial primary schooling. Their educational level is low, and so is their self-confidence.

The bakery in San Julian

One example are the six women in the mountain San Julian who started their own bakery. With support from IM and Anades they bought equipment and materials to get started. Today they have a business that provides them with a steady income that supports them and their families. They are no longer dependent on their husbands’ income. They get a higher status within their respective families and the village. They have better self-confidence and are filled with a sense of pride.
One IM intern that visited the project said “When I ask them what the bakery and the education has meant to them one of them answered:
‘A lot! Today we are able to contribute in supporting our families and we feel proud over the work we do’ What captures me the most is the joy and pride that she radiates when she says ‘A lot’ (Bastante, in Spanish) and I can see that a lot of what has changed is impossible to describe with words.”
One important part of the “Family Solidarity“ program is that the women come together and talk to each other. They exchange experiences from their new work-life but they also discuss everyday life at home with children and husband. They support each other and get through rough times together.