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Namgyal Green Club members have been instrumental in ensuring success and sustainability of the project. Photo: HSYWE

Towards zero waste

Published 9 February 2018

On 8th February 2018, Namgyal Higher Secondary School inaugurated their work on Zero Waste Management, a project funded by IM in partnership with HSYWE. Students and teachers eagerly showed their work on waste segregation and biogas plant to the guests. During the program, Sofia Olsson, Regional Director for South Asia handed club t-shirts to students of the Namgyal Green Club (NGC) who have been working tirelessly to make the project a success.

Waste management has become a huge problem in Nepal. The practice of burying and burning plastic wastes is common, imposing a huge threat to people’s health. Through the project, Namgyal Higher Secondary School has set up a very good model on how schools can contribute towards reducing pollution and managing waste. The project has been involving students through Namgyal Green Club (NGC) to educate them about waste management which also ensures sustainability of the work. 

Doma Lama, Executive Director of HSYWE expressed her gratitude towards IM for funded the project. She added, “The enthusiasm showed by the school and students towards the project has played a key role in ensuring success of the project. Now, it is up to the students to take continue with proper management of the waste produced not only at their school but also at their homes.”

Mandel Sangmo, a 12th-grade student of the school and NGC secretary proudly shared the progress of the project. She said, “Before the project we would burn and bury all of the waste materials. Now we don’t bury our plastic wastes and have reduced burning as well. We segregate all the waste and sell it to junkyards. We have earned NPR 20,000 through such sale. The biogas plant has also started producing fuel for cooking.”

Sofia Olsson from IM receiving token of love from the school. Photo: Alina/IM