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Leading Swedish Brands Launch Humanium Metal Products

Published 30 January 2018

Humanium Metal by IM is a material made of recycled metal from seized illegal guns. The first products are expected to hit the shelves this summer, available for Swedish consumers.

Behind the initiative is the aid organization IM Swedish Development Partner. The purpose is to remove one of the major obstacles for human safety and global development.

– Every gun melted and turned into Humanium Metal is one gun less on the streets, says Ann Svensén, Secretary General of IM.

During 2017 five leading Swedish brands: TRIWA, Skultuna, A Day’s March, Le Cord and Happy Plugs, have initiated close cooperation with IM to develop products containing the metal.

These cooperation’s are presented in a video released today: view here.

– The watch industry is too focused on status and precious metals, if we can take away the precious metals and bring something like this into the watches that has a much stronger symbolic value, we have done our job, says Ludwig Scheja, cofounder of TRIWA. The company is launching a web page today where consumers can sign up in order to get their hands on one of the first TRIWA HUMANIUM Metal watches.

– Humanium Metal is an initiative with strong connection to our 410 year old core business as metal workers – and it is probably the first time we have come across a metal doing good for humanity, we are very happy to be a part of that, says Viktor Blomqvist, CEO at Skultuna.

Humanium Metal by IM has garnered a lot of attention since its launch in November 2016, winning awards for the novel approach to aid finance as well as for its design. IM has worked closely with weapons destruction programs from the start, creating the supply chain for the metal insuring commercial viability.

– Humanium means change for people who live in countries affected by armed violence. The profits from the sales of Humanium products go to IMs work with violence prevention, says Ann Svensén, Secretary General of IM.

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