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Jordanian parliament repeals rape law

Published 1 August 2017

IM Swedish Development Partner congratulates the Jordanian Society and specifically Jordanian Women on the Historical legal reform to the Jordanian Penal Code, where article 308 in which allows rapists to marry their victims and get away with their crime has been abolished by the parliament today August 1st, 2017 in addition to Criminalizing Sexual Harassment and granting Medical Guardianship to mothers to their children. Those indeed are outstanding steps towards Women’s Justice in the Jordanian society, however, the civil society shall continue working on raising the awareness towards the importance of implementing those legislations, baring on mind that Jordan consists of a patriarchal society, where women’s rights shall be under the spotlight furthermore to create actual change. We are on the right path together working on Women’s Rights.

– We are still held accountable to continue working on Women’s Rights and changing the rule of patriarchy and spread the rule of law instead, says Nancy Momani, Country Director in Jordan.