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Press statement on Zimbabwe elections

Published 7 August 2018

IM Swedish Development Partner is deeply saddened with the post-election violence and the heavy handedness of the police and the military fueled by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s lapses and delays in some results management and dissemination processes.

REFLECT: A model for progress

Published 26 June 2018

Kamalawati Raidas, 33 lives in Mayadevi Rural Municipality, Fulika, Barsauli village with her husband and four children- 3 sons and 1 daughter. Kamalawati and her husband, Krishna Raidas work as a daily wage laborer.

IM condemns the killing of medical volunteer

Published 4 June 2018

IM strongly condemns the killing of Razan Al Najjar, a 21-year-old female volunteering as a first responder while carrying out her humanitarian duties with IM partner PMRS in Gaza.

AU Goodwill Ambassador applauds IM and Malawi

Published 30 May 2018

African Union Goodwill Ambassador on Ending Child Marriage campaign, Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda has lauded IM and Malawi Government on strides made in ending child marriage in Malawi, the region and African Union (AU) level.

IM condemns Israeli violence in Gaza

Published 15 May 2018

We at IM Swedish Development Partner are shocked by, and condemn, the excessive use of force that has been used against Palestinian civilians, including children. Representing a human rights based organisation we emphasise the importance of respecting the right to life.

Changing the political landscape

Published 18 April 2018

Maysoon and Asia, paying no heed to their physical disabilities, have one simple goal in mind; changing the political landscape in Jordan on this election day.

Building Careers.. Building Hopes

Published 11 April 2018

Hamza, a cheerful 21-year-old young man joined Sana for Special Individuals in May 2017. Now a committed and active member of the House Keeping Department in the five-star Grand Hyatt Hotel, Amman - Jordan.

Towards zero waste

Published 9 February 2018

Through the project, Namgyal Higher Secondary School has set up a very good model on how schools can contribute towards reducing pollution and managing waste.

Turning the Gun That Hurt Daniel into Good Use

Published 30 January 2018

The bullets that hit Daniel Antonio Rivera in the back made him a wheelchair user for the rest of his life. Daniel is one of the victims of the “pandillas”, the criminal youth gangs of El Salvador. Through Humanium Metal IM is working to reduce violence and support its victims.