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Civil Societies put pressure to make human rights friendly laws

Published 17 September 2018

IM’s partner, JuRI-Nepal reviews laws, policies, and bills from the perspectives of Nepal's constitutional provisions, Nepal's international human rights commitments and international practices as well as advances advocacy with decision-makers to promulgate or amend laws from human rights perspectives.

How DZT is unmasking disability misconception

Published 3 September 2018

Motherly love is manifested in many ways but when manifested through tears, it becomes an emotionally loaded story, like that of Mdambakale Gedion, mother to 16 year Stelia in Zimbabwe. The two stay at Mufakose, outside main Harare.

Out of marriage and happily back to school

Published 3 September 2018

The fishing business along Lake Malawi has fueled child marriage as girls look for easy money from the fishers. And this area is among the highly populated districts in the country with higher cases of child marriage.

Delivering justice for children

Published 3 September 2018

Sometimes, when you come from a country like Malawi where birth certificate hasn’t been an issue, it becomes hard to understand why Zimbabweans like Prompt Magadzire is happy that she has just obtained her certificate.

Tackling Child Marriage in Zambia

Published 3 September 2018

False hopes sometimes blind girls into thinking child marriage is the solution to ending poverty. How is NGOCC, IM's partner in Zambia dealing with the situation?

IM South Asia Newsletter, Jan–June 2018

Published 28 August 2018

Featuring a brief report on our first strategic period of 2015-2017 with important lessons learned and achievements made during the period.

"IM's work has an impact"

Published 22 August 2018

IM Award winner Linnéa Claeson: Everyone who lives here definitely deserve better and the world leaders need to do more for the people of Malawi. Now!

Press statement on Zimbabwe elections

Published 7 August 2018

IM Swedish Development Partner is deeply saddened with the post-election violence and the heavy handedness of the police and the military fueled by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s lapses and delays in some results management and dissemination processes.

REFLECT: A model for progress

Published 26 June 2018

Kamalawati Raidas, 33 lives in Mayadevi Rural Municipality, Fulika, Barsauli village with her husband and four children- 3 sons and 1 daughter. Kamalawati and her husband, Krishna Raidas work as a daily wage laborer.

IM condemns the killing of medical volunteer

Published 4 June 2018

IM strongly condemns the killing of Razan Al Najjar, a 21-year-old female volunteering as a first responder while carrying out her humanitarian duties with IM partner PMRS in Gaza.