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The future for girls in Jordan

Published 29 May 2017

On the picture we can see two girls, Nour and Mala from the Haja Rafika center. What will the future be like when these girls grow up – will there be a change for persons with disabilities and women in general?

All children should have the same rights

Published 22 May 2017

Luma Jamjoum has made up her mind. Her two sons, Faris and Omar, will have the same right to a good health and will be respected even though they have different circumstances in life.

End child marriage

Published 30 March 2017

One girl every other second – that means 15 million child marriages every year around the world. 700 million of women alive today married before the age of 18. Unless more countries overcome the problem of child marriage 1,2 billion women will have been child brides in the year of 2050*.

New jordanian shadow report on UN Conference

Published 28 March 2017

Today starts the 17th UN Conference on the rights of persons with disabilities, held by the CRPD. Our partner I am Human is present at the UN head quarter in Geneva, Switzerland.

Marrying business and development – a success for Fair Trade?

Published 20 March 2017

- Back when we started it was called Alternative Trade, but that was in the 1970’s before what is now the Fair Trade movement was really formed, Roopa Mehta says, thus immediately showing just how long she has been in this business.

Persons with disabilities feel isolated from the community

Published 16 March 2017

More than 60 percent of people living with disabilities in Moldova has an income that does not even cover the cost of food and other basic essentials. That is revealed in a study by Keystone, IM partner organisation in Moldova.

I have a desire to bring about change

Published 13 March 2017

Rina is member of self-help group that is committed to fight against child marriage. They have succeeded in persuading families not to marry off their daughters.