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Legislation on Violence Against Women in the MENA Region Conference

Published 5 December 2017

In conjunction with the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence campaign, IM Swedish Development Partner, Diakonia, Norwegian People’s Aid and Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World will be holding the “Legislation on Violence Against Women in the MENA Region” Conference, on the 5th and 6th of December.

IM sheds light on Girls

Published 4 December 2017

IM observed the International Day of the Girl Child in the South Asia region on 11 October 2017.

Conference Salutes Women's Rights Advances

Published 30 November 2017

To celebrate women's rights advances, share experiences and discuss the future of gender equality in the Middle East and North Africa IM, Diakonia and NPA offers a safe inter-generational space for women’s activists during a conference on December 5th and 6th in Beirut.

Nepal Supreme Court Orders Government to Ensure Equal Pay for Females

Published 7 November 2017

The Supreme Court of Nepal directed the government authorities to ensure equal remuneration for male and female workers on 3 November 2017. The order was issued in response to a writ petition lodged by a team of lawyers including Raju Prasad Chapagain, Chairperson of IM partner JuRI Nepal.

IM welcomes new partners in India

Published 3 November 2017

IM in India is geographically consolidating its program to North India through new partnerships. Consolidating the programs in North India will increase efficiency, increase IM’s presence in the region and be resource effective. All three partners are established NGOs working with marginalized communities in diverse thematic areas such as children’s rights, gender issues, economic empowerment, and environmental conservation and climate change. Expertise in these areas will add value to IM’s partners’ portfolio.

Step by Step, Dreams Will Come True

Published 20 October 2017

In the Palestinian city Jabalia dreams come true one step at a time. At the “Yes, We Can” centre children with disabilities and their parents receive support and therapy. One of them is four year old Yousef.

Kiran Society - a Step on the Path to Empowerment

Published 6 September 2017

IM’s local partner, Kiran Society has been working to support children with disability to provide rehabilitation and ensure their right to education by promoting inclusive education.

Reuniting Girl Power!

Published 22 August 2017

The Al Bylasan project; a Red Crescent initiative, offers numerous and personalized services for 47 young women with disabilities.

Breaking the cycle of slavery

Published 22 August 2017

Slavery comes in different disguises. The story of Lalita Chaudhary, a 20 years old woman from the indigenous Tharu community is one example.

Jordanian parliament repeals rape law

Published 1 August 2017

The Jordanian parliament voted to abolish a provision in the penal code that allows rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victims.