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The New Country

The new country is a vision of a Sweden that is inclusive and welcoming. With this campaign, we urge both established and new Swedes to integrate. We should not be divided into groups based on where we come from, but instead find ways to move forward and create conditions for living together.

In #detnyalandet (the new country) noone is judged on the basis of their origin. This is a vision of a country where more people meet each other and see just how similar we are, and how much that unites us. Our hope is to reduce alienation, mistrust and fear, and together build a stronger and more sustainable country. Instead of asking the question IF we should live together, we want to discuss HOW we should live together.

I want to be part of creating The New Country - how do I do?

To show that you support this vision - and to help us spread it further - you can become an ambassador. By becoming an ambassador of The new country you get the opportunity to influence. You will receive regular newsletters that include positive integration stories and practical tips on how you can participate in the integration process.

With your help, we can inspire others to choose meetings instead of fear, understanding rather than hatred. We can create a positive force against xenophobia, and we can show how many we are who believe it is possible to live together.

Become an ambassador here.