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Kampanjen Det nya landet är en del av IMs integrationsarbete. Bild: Jenny Mark Ketter/ IM

IMs work with integration

In Sweden we work with shedding a light on and strengthening the voices of people who are excluded. Racism, discrimination and flaws in the assistance that newly arrived migrants receive, can lead to exclusion and vulnerability among people born outside of Sweden.

In this group the unemployment rate is much higher than among people born here. In Sweden IM focuses on integration and engagement. We want to improve people’s possibilities to become included in the society, and at the same time fight excluding structures. Our work is about encounters between people.

IM believes in a strong civil society and therefore encourages voluntary work. 

We have local offices in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Umeå and Vrigstad with more extensive activities, but the organization is represented in other parts of Sweden too.