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Humanium Metal by IM

Through Humanium Metal deadly weapons Can Contribute to a Better World

Every minute a person i shot and killed. Gun related violence is a global epidemic that hits developing countries especially hard. This has long been self evident to IM and other aid organizations. But imagine if it is posible to turn this into something positive?

Fall 2016 IM launched a metal made from recycled illegal weapons: Humanium Metal.

- Armed violence costs thousands of billions last year. That's why we call Humanium Metal "the most precious metal", says Ann Svensén, Secretary General of IM.

There are many benefits with the initiative:

• Siezed illegal guns are destroyed and can't find their way back on the streets.
• Giving companies the opportunity to mass-produce goods made from Humanium Metal opens a new revenue chain that contributes to positive change in violence-stricken countries.
• Companies and products who use Humanium Metal contribute to a change in attitude - against guns, for peaceful and sustainable comunities.

Since the launch IM has been working closely with gun-destruction programs in El Salvador and elsewhere. Working out a supply chain for the metal and making it ready for commercial production.

– Small arms are weapons of mass destruction. I support the Humanium Metal Initiative as an important action towards a more civilized world.

Several companies are working on products

Head phones for peace. a spoon to feed the hungry and contribute to less violence, a tealight of hope and a watch ticking for the future. The ideas on what to turn Humanium Metal into are many.

During 2017 a number of Swedish brands such as Skultuna, TRIWA, Le Cord, A Day's March and Happy Plugs/Yevo are have made new products containing the metal.  The first products are expected to hit the shelves this summer, available for Swedish consumers. Read more.