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Current news

The future for girls in Jordan

On the picture we can see two girls, Nour and Mala from the Haja Rafika center. What will the future be like when these girls grow up – will there be a change for persons with disabilities and women in general?

All children should have the same rights

Luma Jamjoum has made up her mind. Her two sons, Faris and Omar, will have the same right to a good health and will be respected even though they have different circumstances in life.

Radhika stands up for children’s right to education

Trots bristerna i skolan är det viktigt att barnen kommer dit varje dag. I skolan lär de sig vara barn och dras inte in direkt i vuxenvärldens alla problem och utmaningar.

Savitri increases milk production through improved husbandry practices

India is one of the leading milk producers in the world with well established actors across the dairy supply chain. Dairy is an important source of additional income to poor farmers.

Aliona fights for children with autism

Aliona is no longer just a mother fighting for her son, but she is an important part of civil society in Moldova.