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Current news

Building Careers.. Building Hopes

Hamza, a cheerful 21-year-old young man joined Sana for Special Individuals in May 2017. Now a committed and active member of the House Keeping Department in the five-star Grand Hyatt Hotel, Amman - Jordan.

Kiran Society - a Step on the Path to Empowerment

IM’s local partner, Kiran Society has been working to support children with disability to provide rehabilitation and ensure their right to education by promoting inclusive education.

Changing the political landscape

It was a bright hot Tuesday in August 2017, with colourful Jordanian flags flapping, posters dangling off traffic lights, and the commotion of vehicles and buzzing movement of determined people.  Yet, the distinct spark of anticipation and suspense that hung in the air gave it

Towards zero waste

Through the project, Namgyal Higher Secondary School has set up a very good model on how schools can contribute towards reducing pollution and managing waste.

Turning the Gun That Hurt Daniel into Good Use

The bullets that hit Daniel Antonio Rivera in the back made him a wheelchair user for the rest of his life. Daniel is one of the victims of the “pandillas”, the criminal youth gangs of El Salvador. Through Humanium Metal IM is working to reduce violence and support its victims.