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Current news

Kiran Society - a Step on the Path to Empowerment

IM’s local partner, Kiran Society has been working to support children with disability to provide rehabilitation and ensure their right to education by promoting inclusive education.

Reuniting Girl Power!

The Al Bylasan project; a Red Crescent initiative, offers numerous and personalized services for 47 young women with disabilities.

Breaking the cycle of slavery

Slavery comes in different disguises. The story of Lalita Chaudhary, a 20 years old woman from the indigenous Tharu community is one example.

Jordanian parliament repeals rape law

The Jordanian parliament voted to abolish a provision in the penal code that allows rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victims.

IM’s partner Justice and Rights Institute- Nepal (JuRI) reviews Social Welfare and Development bill and forwards recommendation to the government

In the ever-changing context of Nepal, there needs to be a favorable environment for civil societies to play an active role.