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Current news

Jordanian parliament repeals rape law

The Jordanian parliament voted to abolish a provision in the penal code that allows rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victims.

IM’s partner Justice and Rights Institute- Nepal (JuRI) reviews Social Welfare and Development bill and forwards recommendation to the government

In the ever-changing context of Nepal, there needs to be a favorable environment for civil societies to play an active role.

The future for girls in Jordan

On the picture we can see two girls, Nour and Mala from the Haja Rafika center. What will the future be like when these girls grow up – will there be a change for persons with disabilities and women in general?

All children should have the same rights

Luma Jamjoum has made up her mind. Her two sons, Faris and Omar, will have the same right to a good health and will be respected even though they have different circumstances in life.

Radhika stands up for children’s right to education

Despite the schools deficiencies it is important that the children show up every day. In school they learn how to be children and are not drawn into all the problems and challanges of the world of adults.