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Make a complaint

IM is committed to working in a transparent and responsible way to achieve a high quality in everything that we do. We are therefore open to opinions and complaints.

Partner organisations, members, volunteers, board members, consultants, rights holders and other stakeholders, are all welcome to submit their complaints to us in case we don’t live up to our commitments as laid out in IM’s various steering documents.

A complaint can for example be about the behavior of an IM staff member or partner, breach of IM’s policies and commitments or incidents related to accidents, security or work environment.

We do, however, encourage you to handle non-sensitive issues informally, and would like to see comments and complaints to be raised first and foremost with the responsible staff who is closest to the activities.

IM strives to ensure that the person lodging a complaint will not face retaliation from IM for filing the complaint, provided that alerts are raised in good faith.

How to leave a complaint

There are two ways to leave a complaint to IM. The first option should always be to contact the person responsible closest to the activities that the complaint is regarding, You can also e-mail to

How your complaint will be handled

The information will be handled by IM’s Risk, Crisis and Security committee. Based on the information given, the committee will decide if there is enough information to start an investigation. The complainant will always be informed that the information has been received, and whether an investigation will start or not.

Complaints should be lodged as soon as possible after the complainant becomes aware of the concern. The information will thereafter be handled in a timely manner.

IM will do our utmost to make sure that complaints are handled confidentially and without risks for the person lodging the complaint. Sharing of information will be on a need-to-know basis.

IM will not consider the following complaints

The following are examples of complaints that IM will not accept:

• Complaints that are too vague to start investigating
• Complaints about partners, projects or activities not funded by IM
• Complaints that are already the subject of ongoing investigation by any regulatory body or legal or official authority in the country
• Offensive complaints using inappropriate or abusive language
• Complaints sent as bulk mail from an unknown source

Quality assurance system

The quality of IM’s work is guided by the following documents:
Policy for anti corruption
Guidelines for procurement
Code of Conduct
Social media policy
Policy on alcohol and drugs
Volunteer policy
Business partner policy
Policy for partnership