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Guidelines for whistleblower - Report corruption

IM, The Swedish Organisation for Individual Relief, has zero tolerance for corruption and misuse of the resources that have been entrusted to us to be put into use in development cooperation. We are working towards the prevention of corruption by ensuring effective internal control systems to avoid temptations. It isn’t always possible to prevent criminal activity, but what we can do is to minimize its negative effects through early detection.

This information is designed to help you as an employee to sound the alarm if you suspect that this happens somewhere within the organization of IM.

Firstly, talk to your supervisor. If you suspect your supervisor, talk to his/her superior. Of course, you have always the possibility to contact the president of the board of IM in Sweden:

If you have a legitimate and serious suspicion and you don’t get any response to your concerns within the organization of IM, then, you have the possibility to contact IMs elected auditor:
Tobias Lundvall
Telephone: +46 73 816 87 65